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Chicago Home Insurance

Chicago Home Insurance

A homeowner’s policy is a must have!  This policy covers you whether you own your home or rent an apartment.  Having homeowner’s insurance policy will ensure that your personal property will be replaced, in the event, of a disaster.  A homeowner’s insurance policy will also help protect you against a lawsuit if someone is injured in your home.

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Chicago Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner’sinsurance policy rates are determined by a number of factors, such as thequality of coverage.  A name-perilshomeowner’s insurance policy will only cover those losses specifically listedon the contract.  However, an all-riskhomeowner’s insurance policy provides broader coverage and the burden of proofis the responsibility of the carrier in the event of a loss.

Chicago House Insurance

At The Stewart Insurance and Financial Services Agency, we are a full service independent insurance agency.  We offer competitive rates on a variety of homeowner’s insurance policies from a number of insurance carriers, so we can get you the best rate possible.  We also continuously monitor your policy to ensure you are getting the best price possible price and we will always be there to help guide you throughout the entire claim process, if something unforeseen should occur.

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